March 10, 2022

Inflectracon + STPCON in May 2022!

I'm totally excited to hear that many of the amazing testing and performance minds from the Software Test Professionals community are going to be riding shotgun with our friends at Inflectra in May 2022!

For me - I've been invited to give a new talk about Performance-driven Development (PDD) which is placing an emphasis on performance requirements, testing and engineer as a primary release criteria driving the design and construction for an application or system.

September 23, 2021

A splash of JMeter, a dash of Rundeck.


Hey PerfByter's - are you struggling to simplify your entire performance testing automation so that it can neatly fit into a single step in the CI pipeline processing? Me too! In this brief talk I'll share how I solved this problem: connecting an entire load testing suite of scripts, test data, monitoring, graphs and test reporting to a single step on the pipeline. You'll get a tour of my "JMeter RIG" - which stands for Jmeter, Rundeck, InfluxDB and Grafana. Participants will get an introduction to how to:

During the upcoming Test.Bash(); 2021 virtual event, I'll be giving a brief walkthrough of my collage of open source tools that I use for continuous performance test automation.
Join me for this tour and you'll learn:
- how to combine performance testing automation tools together for continuous operation
- some advanced JMeter automation with unique configuration for a diverse set of workload simulations
- how to connect a complex suite of test setup, execution and reporting into your CI pipeline automation

June 7, 2021

Let's Get High!

Logo Mile High Software Testing

I can't believe I'm writing this blog post to tell you that I'll be teaching and presenting at an event, face-to-face, in-real-life, no videos, no zoom - holy crap. Join me at Mile High Software Testing ( in Denver, CO USA - July 27-28th, 2021.

Among the many amazing sessions and workshops that you'll find there - from many fantastic engineering professionals, I'll be humbly giving a talk and workshop.

The session talk is "Now You're Cooking With Observability" ->

The workshop is an updated version of my "Introduction to Performance for 2021" ->

December 29, 2020

PerfBytes Plans for 2021

Hello PerfByters,

Welcome to the end of and what promises to be an incredible, unbelievable, unprecedented year for our industry. And we at PerfBytes are no exception. After our attendance at Dynatrace PERFORM in Las Vegas, our last in-person event was at TSQA 2020 in Durham, NC.

Our activities in 2020 thus became largely on-line and virtual, engaging with the Neotys Virtual PAC, Software Test Professionals and TSQA communities. You might think that "going virtual" is second nature to podcasters who mostly hide behind the microphone and the RSS feed, posting episodic goodness from the shadowy dark reaches of the interwebs. But those of you who know PerfBytes will understand that we love a live audience - like all the times at an STPCON in the basement of the conference center with just a few hundred of our closest friends. We miss you all!

But we accept this (until we don't have to) and of course we have a few new things to announce for 2021:

  • PerfBytes is going video! We are working on several training subjects that we will work into short-form videos under a new endeavor called Performacology in partnership with our friends at Software Test Professionals.
  • Sadly, our friend and co-host Brian is retiring from the Ask@PerfBytes podcast and will be operating at-large as a Perfbytious Ameritus - which means we can still have him on the shows when he's not doing his Dynatrace Pure Performance podcast.
  • And along with Brian's departure, we're going to change the Ask PerfBytes podcast to a new to a livestream video "ask-us-anything" monthly, online meetup.
  • We will have new show segments and frequency for posting News of The Damned, PerfBytes and Sr. Performo's "PerfBytes Español"
  • And we'll be making online virtual appearances at all the various events and webinars and tutorials with and for our sponsors.
OH - OUR SPONSORS!! Given that this year was so unusual and stressful, we'll be continuing our support for our generous sponsors Neotys, Tricentis (, Foulk Consulting and Catchpoint. Our sincere thanks and gratitude to these companies for supporting PerfBytes and the community of performance testers and engineers around the world.