PerfBytes Thanksgiving 2016

It's time. Gobble, gobble, gobble. Eat stuffing. Oh, check the website to see if it's still up and running. Damn. Go to the office, work 72 hours straight and then try to drive home. Mark and James will help you to avoid this plan, hopefully. We talk about default carts, Docker and last-minute CDN configuration. Anything to help you survive! This season of PerfBytes is formally supported by our sponsors Hewlett Packard Enterprise ( and (! Thanks guys!

Learning More about Apica System

All the way from Stockholm, Sweden - via Santa Monica, California we are delighted to have Daniel Freij from Apica System join us for this episode, introducing Apica System as a new sponsor of PerfBytes News of The Damned. Daniel shared some keen insights about Zebra Tester, Apica System, load tool innovations and customer challenges.

This is a dedicated episode sponsored by

Octoperf Deep Dive

There's a newcomer in the load testing market, Octoperf ( Quentin and Guillaume take a few minutes aside form their hard work on this startup to tell us about their inspiration, vision and experiences so far. We chat about what makes them unique and different, what challenges they face and what they see for the future of the tools. Enjoy this deep dive into the world of Octoperf!