Episode #46 Bob Wescott's "The Every Computer Performance Book"

Hazed and Confused is now the official ice cream for all performance testers and engineers, courtesy of our guest Bob Wescott, who is the author of the recent "The Every Computer Performance" book. James and I had a great time speaking with Bob about his experiences in writing the book, translating his expertise into written form and contributing so much to the continued learning that every performance professional desires. James recommends a degree in art history.

Also, check out Bob's blog. "The Every Computer Performance Blog" at http://rwwescott.wordpress.com/

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Episodes #45: PerfBytes Live BBQ 2.0

Recorded Live on Thursday, July 4th, 2014

4th of July
PerfBytians Love BBQ and that means it's time for another Live Show! This year we will have an extended conversation on a potpourri of subjects including art critiques, BBQ Tacos, door prizes, fresh blackberries, inebriated wookies, the Performance Manifesto, rare scotch, random scintillating conversations, the cheese course, with your two gregarious hosts. And of course will be taking ask@perfbytes.com questions live on the air via Skype or Email.

Episode #44 Data Driven Performance

Answer me this: how many, how much, averages, standard deviations, frequency distribution or just plain yes or no? It's very hard to know whether your testing effort truly has worth if you don't take a few steps into a few scientific techniques for data analysis. Seth Eliot joins us for a conversation about Data Driven Performance as we learn about the science behind application data, metrics and instrumentation and how to leverage an understanding of the real-world in load testing. We chat about hippo's, the international space station, zero gravity, motorcycle maintenance and mucus creation.

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Episode #43 Scalability and Estimation

You journey through a land of both shadow and substance and you can see the curve on the CPU graph is totally going in the wrong direction - a little worse every minute, every user and soon enough the system will just tip completely over. But how can you test for those conditions beyond the capacity of your test lab environment? You gotta estimate future performance based on the results you gather in the lab. Extrapolation might be evil, but not understanding basic scalability concepts is essential to your success in performance testing and engineering.

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