Episode #49 Gadget Performance

Broadcast Dec 2nd, 2014

This holiday season is going to be filled with gadgets - lots of little whiz-bang, awesomely cool, mini-computing, battery-powered doo-hickeys that will promise to make your lives easier through the miracle of mobile micro-computing platforms. Unless of course, the guys who make those gadget apps didn't think about testing performance before they pushed into production. In this episode James and Mark chat about all the little bits that have to work together to bring you ultimate in gadget satisfaction!

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Episode #48 PerfBytes Live at STPCON Fall 2014

Broadcast Nov 5th, 2014

It's time for PerfBytes Live at the STPCON conference in Denver, Colorado! In the unseasonably warm November 2014 this is a recording of the live broadcast of the PerfBytes podcast with your abstractly random hosts Mark Tomlinson, James Pulley and guest host Howard Chorney covering the conference hot topics such as continuous continuousness, performance puzzlers, Denver police swat teams and PRONQ. We have two unusually novel additions to the News of The Damned and as always we give away a pair of PerfBytes shoes to innocent audience members. As supporters of the Software Test Professionals performance testing community, the PerfBytes podcast is powered by creative community-driven contributions and the overwhelming desire to improve performance testing practices across our industry. And pancakes.

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Episode #47 Welcome Back to PerfBytes

Broadcast September 14th, 2014

After a short summer vacation, your trusted source of performance testing advice, wisdom and humor returns as James and Mark chat about industry standardization and certification, holiday SWAT teams, uncomfortable Kevlar, sacred performance undergarments and microbial shrimp. Welcome Back to PerfBytes!

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Episode #46 Bob Wescott's "The Every Computer Performance Book"

Hazed and Confused is now the official ice cream for all performance testers and engineers, courtesy of our guest Bob Wescott, who is the author of the recent "The Every Computer Performance" book. James and I had a great time speaking with Bob about his experiences in writing the book, translating his expertise into written form and contributing so much to the continued learning that every performance professional desires. James recommends a degree in art history.

Also, check out Bob's blog. "The Every Computer Performance Blog" at http://rwwescott.wordpress.com/

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