Everyone loves Sockets, right?

PerfBytian Scott Moore has released a new tutorial document for the creation of Winsock Virtual Users with LoadRunner this week. Sockets are one of the foundation protocols in a performance test tool that exercises your other foundation skills of practical network knowledge, programming skills, testing skills, your tool mechanical skills, ....well, you can see where this is headed.

News of The Damned 4-21-2015

Let's take a trip around the world on this episode of News of The Damned! We visit impalas in Australia, a muse, a dead monarch and trainsplitting in the UK and then wrapping up with crashing media moguls, the book of Mormon and non-scalable stanardized test sites back here in the USA! BBBhwwwwaaaaaahahahahahahahaaaaaa!

Episode #58 PerfBytes Live! at STPCON Spring 2015

Live Broadcast March 30th, 2015

It's time for PerfBytes LIVE! Please join us again at STPCON in March 2015 for a live broadcast recording of the PerfBytes podcast featuring your wildly banal hosts Mark Tomlinson and James Pulley. This special episode will be broadcast LIVE from the STPCON conference and will include our coverage of the STPCON news, News of The Damned, industry headlines, extemporaneous speaking from actual performance testers and live Q&A with the members of the audience. As supporters of the Software Test Professionals performance testing community, the PerfBytes podcast is powered by creative community-driven contributions and the overwhelming desire to improve performance testing practices across our industry. And pancakes.

Episode formally sponsored by our good friends at Smart Bear and SOASTA, check ‘em out!