Episode 63: Content Delivery Networks

Packet A leaves the UK enroute to Los Angeles to retrieve a .png file. Packet B leaves Ireland for the same .png file, but only has to hop down the street to the local AWS data center...stops by the pub on the way back for a pint and then still delivers the image faster than Packet A, duh!? For those about to crash a website simply because they can’t spell “C.D.N.” we dedicate this deeply informative episode on the subject. We cover inquiry from Josh about how to setup your test labs, how to learn squid and also the alternative benefits of a CDN.

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News of The Damned 6-18-2015

Kicking off an entire week of crashing websites this NOTD comes from the middle of last month and includes world-wide life-critical news events, repeat offenders in India, politicians crashing government websites and the IRS sadly takes a hit. Mark explains "slash-dotting" while Lucifer once again claims: "cuz you know it's just static content that could be cached in the CDN, right dude?!" Please take note, this episode contains absolutely no stories about ticket websites in the UK. Nice work guys!

Episode #62 Bots Bots Bots Yeah!

Hello, this is Robot X - I would like to crawl and blast your website with my illegitimate traffic. And we spend time chatting about the differences between known and unknown load caused by semi-intelligent automated agents: BOTS! We cover a little bit of summertime news, the first PerfBytes radio play and plenty of details on how to include bot traffic in your workload profiles.

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