Brave New Tools

Welcome to Episode 73 and the new season of PerfBytes...yes, that's right it would be Season 5! Our theme this Spring of 2016 is all about tools, it's not just about the bass. In this Part 1 of the tools and techniques topic we chat about new comers to the load testing, a spring time bounty of JMeter in the cloud, some new innovations from the incumbent giants, a few fringe tools and a little DIY madness, all to help you be more successful in your performance projects! This season of PerfBytes is formally supported by our sponsors Hewlett Packard Enterprise ( and (! Thanks guys!

The Performance of Things

Waaaaaay back when in the last century there was this crazy idea about IPv6 giving enough unique addresses to give one to each individual atom on 100 planets the size of the Earth. Well, you might not have that many gadgets in your house right now, but the Internet of Things will soon be upon you and your business. What about the performance of all those internetty-connectedy things? How's that gonna work, eh? This episode is graciously supported by our sponsor - check 'em out!