News of The Damned 5-21-2015

Let's talk about a whole new set of system crashes internationally, politically, with repeat offenders, ospreys, pirates and law students potentially suffering the abuse of a browser spinning endlessly. Scott Moore sends us a goodie from a bookstore in the UK, IT Professionals in India have still not learned a lesson about caching static content and our friends in the UK have learned a new trick about pre-event site crashes. What fun we're having, eh kids!? Bwwwaaaaahahahahahaha!!!

Episode #61 Performance Test Variation

The first run passed, the next run failed. Which run is right? How do you know? Variability between test runs giving different test results can be a mind-boggling, frustrating ordeal and in the worst case could undermine the entire testing initiative with a lack of trust. In this episode we dig deeper into the details around pre-test conditions and in-test conditions that affect the accuracy and effectiveness of your performance test measurements.

Episode formally sponsored by our good friends at Smart Bear and SOASTA, check ‘em out!

Episode #60 .NET Performance

As former Microsoft engineers, James and I have a soft spot in our hearts for those guys back in Redmond and Bellevue. We spend some time digging into the background of .NET including the frameworks, architectures, common monitoring and optimization techniques and James even launches into a PerfRant about ASP.NET Viewstates. Don't miss that! Shout out to Clint Huffman and his Premiere Field Guide to performance.

Episode formally sponsored by our good friends at Smart Bear and SOASTA, check ‘em out!

News of The Damned 5-7-2015

Just a short list of IT experts from around the world on this episode - including some of my home town folks from Minnesota, student test scores in India (AGAIN!), and a pub in the UK closes it's doors and it's web sessions, the caffeine junkies lucked out during a Starbucks outage! James sounds a general warning to all British fashion houses: prepare ye all for the spare commeth! BBBhwwwwaaaaaahahahahahahahaaaaaa!