The Performance of Things

Waaaaaay back when in the last century there was this crazy idea about IPv6 giving enough unique addresses to give one to each individual atom on 100 planets the size of the Earth. Well, you might not have that many gadgets in your house right now, but the Internet of Things will soon be upon you and your business. What about the performance of all those internetty-connectedy things? How's that gonna work, eh? This episode is graciously supported by our sponsor - check 'em out!

News of The Damned 12-10-2015

Only a few E-tailers around the world took a hit on this black Friday edition of the #notd. We investigate vocal of hitmaker and songstress diva Adele as the latest victim of IT hijinks along with the millions of viewers to Eurovision 2015. The Aussie NRL site takes a dive with an odd choice for backend ticket processing providers; rugby players don't scrum with fine wines. Bwwwaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaa!

Building a Culture of Performance

Whether the HR department makes explicit goals or if you just let your engineering staff behave naturally, there's still a chance that you've not integrated performance into the culture of your organization. We'll talk about four major areas of consideration for building a culture of performance along with some good advice on processes and compensation. This episode is formally sponsored by our friends at SOASTA - check it out!