Pulley's notes from the travel log

James PulleyOver the past four years I have been very fortunate. The job I have has allowed me the luxury of crossing the country by car at least once per year, with the advantage of being able to stop and speak with clients in depth about their applications, their challenges and their planning. This was without the added schedule stress of having to rush the conversation in order to meet an arbitrary flight schedule to the next destination.

Episode #56 Sharepoint Performance with Andi Grabner

Recorded Feb 14th, 2015

Web Parts Gone Wild!!! In this episode of PerfBytes Howard and Mark chat with the performance evangelist Andreas Grabner from DynaTrace as we dig deep into the dirty secrets about Microsoft's Sharepoint platform. Whether it's tuning app pools for optimal threading and CPU utilization, or cleaning up those crazy custom list elements, Andreas has tips to help even the most seasoned Sharepoint developer make some improvements! We missed James on this episode due to technical difficulties.

Episode formally sponsored by our good friends at Smart Bear and SOASTA, check ‘em out!

Episode #55 Ten Things Every Developer Should Know

Recorded Feb 9th, 2015

That's right, there are 10 simple things that every developer should know...about performance, of course! HoCho takes us on a tour of specific things that developer engineers should keep in mind about coding for performance, whether it's about discrete resource handling, memory management, threading or network latency. They should keep a grasp of these basics before they write the first line of code.

Episode formally sponsored by our good friends at Smart Bear and SOASTA, check ‘em out!