September 23, 2021

A splash of JMeter, a dash of Rundeck.


Hey PerfByter's - are you struggling to simplify your entire performance testing automation so that it can neatly fit into a single step in the CI pipeline processing? Me too! In this brief talk I'll share how I solved this problem: connecting an entire load testing suite of scripts, test data, monitoring, graphs and test reporting to a single step on the pipeline. You'll get a tour of my "JMeter RIG" - which stands for Jmeter, Rundeck, InfluxDB and Grafana. Participants will get an introduction to how to:

During the upcoming Test.Bash(); 2021 virtual event, I'll be giving a brief walkthrough of my collage of open source tools that I use for continuous performance test automation.
Join me for this tour and you'll learn:
- how to combine performance testing automation tools together for continuous operation
- some advanced JMeter automation with unique configuration for a diverse set of workload simulations
- how to connect a complex suite of test setup, execution and reporting into your CI pipeline automation